Special savings for groups of


10 - 50 Employees


Just a heads up:You'll just be receiving a quote and you’re never obligated to puchase anything at any time.
A couple of items we’d like to point out:

  1. We'll ask some basic information about your business and your employees.
  2. You're not alone. A benefits specialist will be available to help you through the whole process.
  3. You can Save and Exit and return at any time to finish. Or, you can bring in someone else in your office to help out.

Small Group Employee Benefits for NGCOA Members

Simple. Competitive. Fair.

Your employees deserve the best health insurance options available for the lowest price. With NGCOA Insurance Services, that's just what you'll get. The purchasing power of a strong NGCOA membership gives all of us access the best benefits around.


Dental & Vision

Life & Disability

Your employees will benefit from the power of NGCOA membership.

NGCOA Insurance Services serves small businesses (10 - 50 employees) with the kind of buying power that big corporations have. By joining other NGCOA members, you can offer your employees better benefit plans and perks at lower rates. On top of that, getting a free quote is amazingly simple - request a risk-free quote today!


This is self-funded insurance made easy. You pay a single monthly premium, while gaining transparency - you know what your money is paying for.


You’re not on your own. NGCOA members are aggregated together to form a healthy risk pool and an economy of scale. This creates buying power, leading to rates that are lower than anywhere else in the market.


Under a fully insured plan, premiums are paid one second and gone the next - there’s no way to get that money back, even if you pay in more than what’s necessary. With NGCOA Insurance Services, you can get that money back.

It's completely free, and you're under no obligation to buy